Water Professional Path

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Who should enroll?
Individuals from:
» Corporations
» Institutions
» Government
» Consulting Firms
» anyone who wants to learn what ISO 14046 Water Footprint/Inventory/Assessment is all about
Course Content:
— Overview – Corporate Water-Risk Management
— Corporate Water Management
— Life Cycle Assessment
— Introduction to ISO
— ISO 14046:2014: Introduction
— ISO 14046:2014: Scope and Boundary
— ISO 14046:2014: Standards Terms and Definitions
— ISO 14046:2014: Methodological Framework
— ISO 14046:2014: Water Footprint Inventory Analysis
— ISO 14046:2014: Reporting and Assessment Verification
— Stakeholder Reporting of Water Footprint/Assessments

Course Delivery: Offered online available 24/7/365 – Course consist of PPT Presentations, Quizzes and Videos.

This course in Corporate Water-Risk Management from HRCarbon is designed to provide an expert-level understanding to corporate and institutional practitioners to measure, mitigate and adapt to water-risk. With increasing challenges of global water availability and the resulting impact on operations and supply chains, a water-risk management strategy is integral to corporate sustainability.
These challenges directly threaten a company’s production levels, profit margins and even their ‘license to operate’. In response, organizations need to assess, mitigate and adapt to a ‘water-stressed’ business environment.
This course provides insight into the ISO 14046 Water Footprint Standard. This is the first fully online Corporate Water-Risk Management training available globally. Developed by sustainability experts to meet the needs of every organization’s requirement to quantify, mitigate and report their water-risk.

Course Fee: $495 USD

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