The HRCarbon Sustainability Maturity Statement is a consulting service offering that is undertaken in two phases:

Phase I:
Stakeholder perception of an organization’s Sustainability Statements is evaluated and reported on. Evaluation will include all publicly available material such as sustainability disclosures to regulatory (SEC) and voluntary (GRI, CDP, UNCompact, etc) Bodies.
The analysis is undertaken employing HRCarbon Sustainability Maturity Gradient which underpins the HRCarbon Sustainability Maturity Index (SMI).
The organization receives The Sustainability Maturity Statement (Phase I) and SMI Rating.
Phase II:
This phase employs the outcomes from Phase I and develops through a consultative approach, an in-depth analysis of an organization’s initiatives that impact corporate sustainability
This analysis will evaluate and map, past, current and planned sustainability initiatives on to the HRCarbon Sustainability Maturity Gradient and develop a matrix that states where on the sustainability path each initiative resides.
The mapping of individual sustainability initiatives will clearly outline where more or less resources should be devoted to gain the maximum impact from the organization’s sustainability initiative(s).
The final Sustainability Maturity Statement includes an evaluation and sustainability mapping (on the Maturity Gradient) of all identified initiatives, their impact and stakeholder perception, as well as recommendations and prioritization of initiatives that will have the best possible outcomes. The result is a positive impact experienced by stakeholders.
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