HRCarbon GHG Inventory Consulting Services

Greenhouse Gas MVVR Services:

» MEASURE – Develop an Organizational and/or Project Level GHG Inventory (ISO 14064 & 14065):
HRCarbon GHG Emissions Impact Statement

  • I. GHG Emissions Inventory Report (View Template)
  • II. GHG Emissions Management Report (View Template)

» VALIDATE – Best Practices Process Review of GHG Inventory Development:
HRCarbon GHG Emissions Process Validation Statement – Review:

  • I. Organizations GHG Inventory Methodology
  • II. Consistency in assumptions, inclusions, exclusions and emission factor usage
  • III. Adherence to GHG Inventory Principles
  • IV. Materiality of GHG Emissions Activities and Sources
  • V. Base Year Applicability and/if required Base Year Restatement
  • VI. GHG Emissions Inventory consolidation strategy alignment with organizations accounting approach

» VERIFICATION – Formal Verification of Organizational and/or Project GHG Inventory:
HRCarbon GHG Emissions Verification Statement

  • I. Adherence to ISO 14064, 14065 & 14066

» REPORT – Derive and Report GHG Emissions KPIs:
Interpret and Respond to Stakeholder GHG Inventory Reporting Guidelines

  • I. Identify and Report GRI Indicators (EN)
  • II. Identify and Respond to CDP Questionnaires
  • III. Identify and Report CSR Environmental components
  • IV. Adhere to Regulatory and Statutory GHG Inventory Reporting Requirements

Other Reporting and Validation Services:
» Develop and Report Corporate Water Impact Statement:

  • I. Water Inventory Report;
  • II. Water Management Report;

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