Carbon Professional Path


HRCarbon’s online CPP Course covers the fundamentals of Corporate Carbon Management and provides insight and exposure on how to calculate an organizational Carbon Footprint.

Course Content:
1. Organizational, Geographical, Temporal and Operational boundaries
2. Scope 1, 2 and 3 and emissions sources
3. Base year recalculation
4. Principles of Completeness, Transparency, Consistency, Accuracy and Relevance
5. GHG accounting concepts
6. Data collection and management, accuracy and verifiability
7. Quality Control and Quality Assurance
8. Choosing, developing and apply appropriate quantification methods
9. Calculating and analyzing emissions results
10. Compiling and organizing documentation and preparing reports

Price $495 USD
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Other – Class-Room Courses Available on Demand

Corporate Climate Change Management

The course will focus on current climate change negotiations, regulatory/mandatory and voluntary frameworks, North American climate change activity, carbon credits and offsets and more. You will gain insight on how and why climate-risk management is essential to any corporate strategy.

Corporate Carbon Management

Course will review the fundamentals of Corporate Carbon Management and equip you with skills to measure and report a standards-based Carbon Footprint for your organization. You will be able to introduce the “new carbon math” into your organization’s strategic decisions relating to everything from product and service development to their delivery to the end client.  The content adheres to globally accepted best practices and standards such as ISO 14064 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Who should take these courses,?

Professionals in: AccountingEngineeringFinanceLawMarketingSupply-Chain

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